Senior Software Engineer

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We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer. Will be you?

🧙‍♀️ Your role

Your daily activity will be to architect, plan and develop backend services and data pipelines leaning towards scalability and automation.

No worries if your main experience is more related to pure backend services or data services/pipelines. We will expect from you to learn and get involved with the parts you know less and be one expert voice in the part you have more experience.

🚀 Where are we going?

We’re in the process of transforming a “simple” single service into microservices architecture, splitting responsibilities into services. In regard of data we will evolve from a simple pipeline that stores raw data on buckets and BigQuery into a more complex one where data is processed and stored in more speed-friendly DB (Such as Elastic Search) to enable direct consumption from our frontend.

There are some services written but that’s mostly our MVP. The biggest part is yet to come and the MVP has to improve and scale so you’ll take part on building the pillars and the first core features of the company.

😎 What we expect from you?

Straight and clear communication. you’ll be working on a full-remote uber-transparent team so not keeping anything inside is key for the whole team happiness and success.

Lean/Agile mentality. Even though we believe there’s no one single good way of applying Agile methodologies, we believe in the core principles and we expect from all the members of the team to strive for agile and criticise any process that could be improved.

Data & experimentation mindset. We want to experiment and learn as much as we can, “You’re not winning if you don’t know why you won” or “If you understand why something failed, you’re succeeding”. This means there can’t be any product or tech design without knowing how to validate/invalidate it.

You are language/tech-agnostic and enjoy and are proud of writing readable, testable and scalable code. Still there are some technologies/languages which we use that you need to know (at least a bit) about: dockerised microservices, ETL, CI/CD, infrastructure as code.

🔎 What will you find?

A core team with good background experience and passion in everything that we do. With a strong belief that our company came to bring the new food-delivery era while helping Restaurants instead of killing them with abusive fees.

Our moto is “Fooder (final user) first, partner (restaurant) second and Delitbee third”, which means we will always think first on the final user, if that’s covered we will think on the partner and finally if users and partners are covered we can think on our own profit.  

The project was born in Spring 2020, launched MVP on July 2020, went through one year of experiments and evolutions which brings us to the recent validation in shape of investment that’s enabling us to form a little A-Team to build the next key features that will launch us to space.

Our backend services and scrapers are currently written in Java 11 using Dropwizard framework, our scripts in python and we’re using Google Cloud (+ Firebase) as our cloud provider. There are several reasons why we choose all this but we’re also open to change if the reasoning is good enough 🙂

😍 Offer details

Last but not least, the specific details:

  • This is a full remote offer even though we’re open to use co-workings if the team really feels the need about it.
  • Full time 40h contract. The 40h just represent what’s officially a full time contract in Spain but we look for output not time sitting on a chair (or standing :D), the actual time you spend a day working is up to you as long as you are responsible with your objectives and respect the time of your team mates.
  • Company phantom shares, the amount will depend on your role and the date you join.
  • Salary between 45k and 60k based on your seniority, experience and the areas you will help to cover.
  • 3k budget for a new laptop.
  • Periodic team-buildings where the full team will gather together. Since we’re full remote we need to do this more often than usual, we expect at least 1 per quarter and we aim for 2-3.
  • Online learning tool subscription.

Are your ready for the challenge?

Join us ASAP as Senior Software Engineer!

Write us an email to

Attach your CV and explain why do you want to join Delitbee.

Please write in the subject:

Senior Software Engineer