Senior UX Designer (research)

At Delitbee we are looking a UX designer focused on research for full remote work. Our ideal candidate will work 70% of the time as UX and around 30% on UI.

I you love to solve problems and be challenged continue reading…

We offer you … 🤲

  • To be part of a young company that has just taken off and that will have a great impact in the world of hospitality and delivery services in the coming years with a forecast of exponential growth.
  • A fun, open and cohesive team with a huge experience in food delivery, comparators and product.
  • Budget to acquire a laptop.
  • You will enter our Phantom Shares program that will be reviewed periodically with the aim that you also take a piece of the cake. 🍰
  • You will be able to work remotely. Yes, you can work from Madrid, Valencia or from the top of a mountain.
  • 100% flexible hours (a balance between personal and private life is essential to have happy workers).
  • Coworking in Valencia and Barcelona in case you prefer to be in an office.
  • Competitive salary according to the market and your dedication / objectives.
  • Online training to improve your skills in your day to day.
  • Voice and vote. (Yes, although unfortunately not all companies do), at Delitbee your opinion is gold and we want you to participate proactively with the whole family)
  • Total transparency. You will be part of the company and therefore you have the right to know what is happening at Delitbee.

Your role in Delitbee will include… 🧙🏼

We need you to have strong design skills across iOS, Android and web platforms focused on understanding of human behaviour and a clean visual design sense so you are able to develop the following tasks (among others).

70% UX

  • Wireframes generation: from conceptualization to final design test and review.
  • Data analysis, detecting leaks in funnels, improvements or new conversion funnels, new functionalities, etc. The products you will work with will be:
    • Mobile apps
    • Marketing website
    • BackofficeIn that way, you will be part of the product team working directly with designers and developers. In addition you will be in continuous contact with sales and marketing.
  • User interviews, user testing and research to get insights about what do our users want so we can apply these insights to any of our products.
  • Buyer persona creation as well as customer journeys (instrumentation) and user journeys.

30% UI

  • Help with design system generation and revision: from an icon to an animation or interaction.

In addition

As a Senior Designer you will be part of hiring processes, people management, and ownership of the product. You will also have the responsability to interact with stakeholders and closely mentor and learn from the rest of the team.

We are looking for a person who is… 🤪

  • Proactive and “autonomous” but who knows how to work as a team.
  • Critical of their work and others work.
  • Motivated with the project and who wants to give everything to take the product to the next level
  • Analytical mindset focused on growth and product improvement
  • Without mincing words. We want you to say what you think and contribute both to the team and to the company.
  • Eager to learn and teach. (growing as a person and as a professional is very important to us)
  • A person who trolls and accepts to be trolled 😜
  • Responsible with their work, (with a great power comes a great responsibility 🕷).

We need you to know … 😎

  • Figma (if you know Sketch it is also worth it, but you will have to go to the dark side).
  • Maze or another similar service to test prototypes.
  • Typeform or another service to conduct user surveys.
  • Figjam or similar for any kind of session, workshops, etc.
  • Amplitude for data analysis
  • How to work with agile methodologies
  • Have a B2 level of English or equivalent, English will be necessary in the long run

This is a nice to have but not required at all… 😛

  • Knowledge of SEO and ASO
  • Notions of frontend focused on web development
  • After effects focused on animations with Lottie

¿Ya sabes lo que quieres? La decisión es tuya...

Rellena el formulario e incluye un bonito mensaje diciendo por qué quieres trabajar con nosotros y qué puedes aportar a Delitbee. Por favor incluye links a tu perfil de Linkedin, CV, portfolio o similar. 🐝

We aim to be transparent, flexible and people centred company based on Holacracy where every member of the company can expose their opinion always respecting themselves and the rest of the company.


We want to be crystal clear with team members, co-founders and investors in terms of data, partnerships and any other subject that can be valuable for them. We believe that being transparent avoids tensions and generate less problems within the company and its ecosystem


Working remotely is one of our pillars. The company was founded as it is and it will continue to be so. We believe in people and the new working ways which empowers trust and reconciliation of work, private and family life.

People centred

People who work at Delitbee have sense of belonging. The believe in the company, values, mission and vision. We need and we want to hear whatever each member of the company thinks. We hire experts to do their work but also to understand Delitbee’s needs by using OKRs and contribute to achieve them.

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