No more fees for your restaurant

We are intolerant to fees… Just like you

If you have a restaurant, at Delitbee we become your ally against abusive platforms.

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Add Delitbee to your business and forget about headaches, worries and fees

1. Customers connection

We create your e-commerce and connect it with the thousands of users from Delitbee Marketplace.

Your customers are finally yours, you will be able to manage and set up marketing and loyalty campaigns focused on your users.

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2. Orders centralization

We integrate orders from all platforms in a single device. Optimize order management and avoid human errors.

It doesn’t matter if your order comes from Glovo, Uber or your own sales channel, we combine all the orders so that you only have to worry about cooking.

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3. We deliver your product

We have partnerships with the best logistics companies such as Stuart and Paack. Leave the delivery in our hands, we treat your product as if it were ours.

We integrate and synchronize throughout the sales process to minimize waiting times and ensure that your product arrives still warm from the oven.

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What restaurants were like you and are now like the one you want to be?

Plans & Pricing

We grow and go along with you,your success is ours

How do we make you earn more money?

The answer is easy. Orders made through our platform give you more profit because we do not work like Glovo, Uber Eats or Just It do. We are something very different from them. And we believe that your maximum competition does not sell food, only delivers it.

Estos son nuestros 3 planes de crecimiento para tu restaurante 👇

Basic Plan 👋🏻

Gain presence on our sustainable marketplace/comparator

  • Your brand logo

  • Featured image of your products

  • Redirection to your own ecommerce/app

  • Featured positioning in search results

  • We position your own sales channel against other third-party channels

  • Show your promotions to attract Glovo, Uber Eats or Just Eat users

9.90€/month Go for Basic Plan

Growth Plan 🌳

The same Glovo, Uber Eats or Just Eat technology for your own sales channel

  • Basic Plan 👋🏻

  • E-commerce/online store

  • Connection to Delitbee Marketplace

  • Orders from multiple channels in a single device (Glovo, Uber, etc)

  • Connection with the main delivery/logistics companies

  • Advice and negotiation with service providers

  • Audit of your business by our expert team

  • Payments centralization in a single invoice

  • Priority support

99.90€/month Go for Growth Plan

Growth Plus Plan 💪

Technology to professionalize your delivery, increase your sales and retain customers. The best strategies at your fingertips, take a qualitative leap in your operations

  • Growth Plan 🌳

  • High performance native apps (iOS and Android)

  • App customization with style and brand guidelines

  • Personalized advice: adcquisition strategies, loyalty, etc.

149.90€/month Go for Growth Plus Plan

Delitbee is the food delivery comparator of +50,000 restaurants

At Delitbee we advise you on your digitization with a logical investment

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Why do we say that we are your ally?

The answer is also easy. Because just as we help customers save on their orders and pay less for your food, we help you to receive the benefit that corresponds to you for your work.

To understand each other, we know how to prevent them from taking what is yours. Is it clear?

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How do we convert our clients into yours?

Our platform has 50,000 active users who mathematically search for the best prices for place your orders. They are hungry predators.

When your customers see the prices that you can allow yourself thanks to avoid abusive commissions from third parties, they will not hesitate to order directly from your restaurant. And that’s how your profits increase.

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Delitbee simplifies your client’s decision and integrates you with all the software and platforms

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Do you want us to advise you on your digitization for free?

Our advice is free. That your restaurant can become a great digital success benefits you more than us.

Our goal is that you hire only the technology and services you need and that you can integrate them into our platform in a simple way to start multiplying your income as soon as possible.

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👇 This is all you may need 👇

Online Store

Ecommerces or online stores allow you to sell your products through the internet with an effort minimum. Delitbee creates and launches your online store in less than 24 hours

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Delivery apps

Glovo, UberEats or Justeat are food delivery marketplaces with a high commission cost. Delitbee It is the only marketplace in the market that does not charge you commissions and never will

More about Apps


The order management software allows you to unify orders from different platforms, simplifying the management. Delitbee offers the best price and best technology companies.

More about software


It doesn’t matter if you have your own fleet or not. We integrate the best delivery companies into your online store last mile market. You only worry about cooking your product.

More about Logistics

We are unique because we integrate the entire order process. And because we don’t forget that that your business is yours

We do what others don’t, we arrive where others don’t and we help when can’t… or they don’t want to.

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