Manages your restaurant sales channels

Optimize your hospitality business unifying all sales channels on a single device. Minimize human errors thanks to Delitbee

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Channel Manager

Manage all your sales channels

With a channel manager you can manage all your restaurant sales channels by using just a single service. It is a tool that is responsible for centralizing merging and managing all orders, reservations, etc. which are sent by platforms such as Glovo, UberEats, JustEat or your own sales channel.

In this way, all orders are homogeneously unified and you won't need multiple devices for each sales channel.

Unify all orders in a single place without having multiple devices for each sales channel.
Capture of the Delitbee application consisting of a restoration businesses where you can order directly from the restaurant

Multibrand Marketplace

All your brands in a single place

Do you have a Dark Kitchen, a hotel, a franchise or a multibrand group?

Our system is ready to generate a custom and exclusive marketplace where you clients will find all the restaurants and business associated to your brand.

You could manage all your restaurants and hospitality business from the same place optimizing the management spent time for each one regardless the number of brand you have.
Two people checking last month invoices from their restaurant

Payment aggregation

A single invoice, as clear and simple as it sounds

Delitbee acts as a restaurant service provider, that means one invoice that gathers all your services simplifiyng the contability. Avoid having to review different invoices from different suppliers and square each of the orders, reservations or payments that your customers have made in your hospitality business.

We unify the reservation invoices, delivery orders, takeaway order, orders from the table, sales channel management, ecomerce creation and many other services focused on the hospitality services.

Spend your time improving your product and grow, we take care of the boring part 🤩
User booking a table using the Google Places integrated booking application

Online booking

Manage reservations in your restaurant automatically

Digitizing your restaurant means being updated to the newest technology and helping your customers booking a table at your restaurant. We integrate an online table reservation system into your hospitality business. You will only have to wait for your restaurant, bar, etc. to get full.

Avoid continuous calls and interruptions. The system will not only accept the reservations and manage the availability of the tables of your restaurant. It will also send reminders and manage eventual customer cancellations.

The table booking feature is fully integrated with the Google Restaurant reservation system.
Waitress smiling at the restaurant door holding a tablet to make customer commands


The devices you need at your fingertips

Delitbee will always adapt to your technology, however, either you may want to go one step further or maybe you don't still have a technology adapted to your business.

We have agreements with the main point of sales (POS) market suppliers in the market. From a simple tablet to the most sophisticated POS system with TPV and thermal printer. Choose how you want to receive your orders: digitally, printed or both.

We are 100% flexible and we adapt both to the characteristics of your restaurant and to the needs of your hospitality business.
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