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Improve your hospitality business reputation. Make your clients your brand ambassadors. Discover how to do it with Delitbee.

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Web page

Turn visitors into customers

If your restaurant is not available on the Internet your customer will never find you. Your restaurant website is like you recommendation letter. With you business website you will be able to explain your concept, food offer and other services such a food delivery or takeaway, table booking or show how wonderfull your gastronomy is.

Nowadays, a restaurant website makes the difference between you and your competitors and it will be the first thing your future clients will see. That's why it is very important a very positive first impact in order to build brand engagement and start building a reputation in the long term.

We have more than 10 years of experience creating web pages focused on conversion and brand awareness.
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Say goodbye to commissions

Does the number 30 ring a bell? Glovo, UberEats and JustEats charge more than 30% of each orders generated by their platforms, they don't give you access to users so you won't be able to retain them.

We have created a fair and ethical marketplace where the commission per order is 0%. Get better conditions and access to your customers with the same technology. Our food delivery or takeaway platform is focused on promoting your own sales channel and making users aware that there is a sustainable alternative without sacrifiying your benefits. In addition, our marketplace complies with the Rider Law and it is compatible with your own riders in case you have.

We don't believe in commissions for orders, we believe in a fair price for the offered service
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Fidelization and Customer Retention

A happy client is worth two clients

Getting customers is a complicated task, to help you get them, we offer both the website and the online store that will help you establish the first contact. You must take care of the relationship with your customers and that happens one they are loyal to you and eat again in your restaurant. For this, it is necessary to reward them and keep them informed of the latest news and promotions. You will have total access to the information of your customers where you can impact them with discounts, promotions, rewards, etc.

Maintaing a clear and transparent communication, offering discounts for delivery or justify possible errors in operations establishes a relationship of trust. Taking care and understanding the needs of your customers is the key to make your business grow.

Remember that the best client is not the one who repeats, it is the one that returns and recommends you
Control panel with graphics and statistics of online food orders

CRM and analytics

Make decisions based on data

Monitor each order, check the delivery status and extract data based customer behavior, most demanded dishes or times of the week with the highest orders peak. Generate sales and loyalty strategies based on analytics and statistics of your restaurant business.

Thanks to the Channel Manager you will have a complete picture of all your sales channels. Add Glovo information, UberEats and JustEat and your own sales channel. You can also easily manage the distribution of your own sales channel based on automated rules that optimize the pick-up time and delivery time of your product and make it arrive in perfect timing

Without data you can only use your intuition to make your business grow.
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Photography service, flyers, menu, etc.

Turn visitors into customers

Do you need to take quality pictures of your dishes to create a menu that will make your customers order food from your restaurant? It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, restaurants menu with good photographs multiplies the conversion and increases the average ticket.

Contact us if you need any type of support for your restaurant, from flyers, physical menu or contact with foodie influencers.

We cover any need that your hospitality business may have.
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