Get more income with your own sales channel

Get up to 30% more benefit for each sale you make with your own online food channel for delivery and takeaway thanks to Delitbee

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Increase your income with online food delivery service

We develop your own online food sales channel, for delivery and takeaway and with 0% commissions. Take back the control of your restaurant and bet on a totally different solution from Glovo, UberEats or Justeat.

Our online store is focused on conversion, user loyalty transforming visitors into recurring customers. We have a conversion rate above 50% and the ecommerce is constantly evolving to improve sales conversion. You can also customize your restaurant's online store with your brand, font and colors to generate brand engagement.

Your own online sales channel focused on delivery and takeaway with which you will obtain up to 30% more benefit than with traditional platforms.
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Food delivery

Start delivering food without risking on hirings

Food delivery services sometimes means up to 70% of the restaurant income. Hiring riders is expensive and not always profitable, it all depends on the stage in which your business is. That is why we put at your disposal the largest delivery fleet that exists by the hand of our partners (Stuart, Delivery Levante, Cabify, Atajo's, etc).

Contact our team and we will recommend the best way to scale your food delivery business. From price per order to riders per hour, we accompany you and detect when you should go to the next level and have your own riders.

We reduce your initial investment in riders so that you can focus on scaling your business.
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QR code: digital menu

Your menu updated at anytime

Since the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the QR code was implemented as an alternative to the printed menu. This fashion has become a habit and it is usual to use this technology to quickly check the restaurant's online menu.

It is also a way to keep your menu up to date. Manage the dishes you have available on your menu. You can generate different menus depending on the day of the week or specific menus such as, menu of the day, weekend menu, wine menu, etc. Save money on design, printing and maintenance of physical menus.

Digital menus have greater versatility and are instantly updatable unlike traditional printed format menus.
Girl sitting on a terrace using her mobile phone to pay the restaurant bill

Order and payment at table

Simplify your waiters' work

When you have the restaurant completely full, table management can be complicated. With the order and payment at the table, you can reduce the waiting time of your customers by 20% and avoid errors taking orders.

Through a QR code on the table that customers will scan with their smartphone, our system will detect what table it is. Your customers will be able to order directly without the need of a waiter and not only that, they could even pay. Digitizing a restaurant with service at table is no longer futuristic stuff, now is the time.

Increase productivity and simplify your staff's work.
Hand holding a smartphone and using a restaurant food delivery application

iOS and Android mobile applications

Increase your income with online food delivery service

Apps are a good method to generate brand engagement for your restaurant and build customer loyalty.

Thanks to our vast experience developing native apps, we have created one of the best apps on the market with excellent performance. They are developed in the native language of each platform. Forget spending thousands of euros on a mobile application. Our engineering team will generate a high-quality application at a super reasonable price with daily home updates and priority technical support

Put yourself in the hands of professionals and don't waste your money on mediocre solutions.
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