Because not all restaurants have the same needs

Delitbee analyzes at what point your business is and offers a solution adapted to your restaurant.

Restaurant with at table eating service and home food delivery service

We make your restaurant grow

Our team analyzes your restaurant business

We detect in which phase you are and what is your goal. It is essential to understand your weaknesses and strengths to correct deficiencies and find growth opportunities.

We do it focusing on increasing your incomes in a healthy way and without the need to make large investments.

Don't give up the income you deserve and that other platforms are taking from you.

Smiling employee at a restaurant that offers food delivery service

We enhance your direct sales channel

You have the key to success

Food Delivery platforms have a large number of users and can give you that bittersweet taste of getting orders but a high commission cost that could exceed 30% of the of the order cost.

What if I told you that the solution is your own sales channel? Get the same technology as Glovo Uber Eats and JustEat without effort.

We create your own online store focused on delivery and takeaway, table orders and reservations, digital menu and branded website. We monitor your business by offering custom tips to enhance your own sales channel.

Turn users into recurring customers and get more income.

Food delivery rider smiling with isothermic delivery backpack

We manage your food delivery service

The biggest riders fleet at your disposal

Even if you already have a food delivery fleet this interests you. If you do not have your own riders, do not worry, <b> you do not need to hire riders </b>. We deliver your product thanks to our partners, Stuart, Delivery Levante, Cabify, Atajo's, Catcher and many more.

And in case you already have riders and your business is growing but you don't want to invest more money in operations... you can use our riders as to cover high demand invervals.

We have succeeded to gather the largest food delivery fleet and you will only pay for the orders made, your success is ours.

Do you want to see an example of what we can do for your restaurant?

Book a free call without obligation. Relax and prepare to discover the largest restoration ecosystem adapted to your business.

Ecommerce for delivery and takeaway orders customized with your restaurant's brand

Online brand presence

Your restaurant digitalization is more than essential

E-commerce, website, promotions management, reservations, etc. Forget about investing time and money in solutions that don't work. We are experts in product, web creation, ecommerce and branding focused on restaurants.

  • We develop a website according to your objectives and strategy.
  • Food delivery ecommerce with more than 50% of conversiton rate to sales. We provide te best online food store experience to your clients (yes... we are very proud of it 😎). Delivery and Takeaway
  • We list your restaurant on our global online platform (marketplace) where you will have visibility along with thousands of other restaurants like yours.

Our online store has the highest conversion rate on the market, which means more sales and orders for your restaurant.

Restaurant customers using the restaurant's ecommerce to order food

We measure your restaurant performance

Without data you can't improve

To improve it is necessary to know what are your strenghts and your weaknesses, enhance what you do best and improve what you do wrong.

It sounds easy, isn't it?

Discover what are the most ordered dishes, get feedback from your customers, analyze when do people order the most during the day and the week so you can forecast your resources.

Analyze the effectiveness of your promotions, detect ambassadors of your brand among customers and many other things which will improve your restaurant online store sales conversion.

Information is power.

Owner of a restaurant which offers food delivery services checking his monthly invoices

We simplify accounting

All your services with a single supplier

Each delivery invoice, the channel manager to merge all orders in one device, the online booking provider, hardware rental, etc.

Centralize everything with Delitbee: a single supplier and a single invoice, no cheating.

We work with countless providers and for this reason we offer the best rates on the market, we gather them in a single invoice for your peace of mind, or what is the same: we aggregate payments.

Don't worry, we'll break all the invoices down for you with complete transparency, so you'll now what you are paying for.

Your peace of mind means more efficiency in your restaurant and business management.

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18% - 27%

de beneficio extra con respecto a otras plataformas


de cancelaciones por saturación de flotas


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If you have any questions, we are here to solve them

Book a free call with our team and in less than 30 minutes we will solve all your doubts. In any case you can always check our standard plans first.

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