About us

We are a spanish startup based in Valencia which aims to simplify the user’s decision moment by comparing the entire offer of restaurants in each city.

Our mission is to make the user save time and money on each food order.

We are expanding the team and we have amazing challenges on our company roadmap that will certainly not go unnoticed. Do you want to be part of our A-Team? 🚐


😎 Cool things about delitbee

You will be able to develop a professional career in a young company with a huge projection in the coming years.

Although our HQ are in Valencia, you will have the possibility to work wherever you want (yes we are full remote). In any case, if you are more like going to the office we provide a place to work (coworking) located in Barcelona and Valencia, the choice is yours.

We also offer options and good salary depending on your work experience and your evolution within the company.

🥸 Kind of people they are looking for

We are looking for awake people, eager to overcome challenges, learn and above all share knowledge. We want you to grow with us and to make Delitbee grow with you.

🐜 Work Methodology

We use agile methodologies such as Scrum. We are not 100% strict and, if needed, we prefer to adapt methodologies to our team so everybody feel comfortable with our “way of working”.

🧘‍♂️ Our values define us

Our values define not just us but the whole company, how we are, how we interact with other members of the team and help us to decide what is worth for the user when taking product or business decisions.

We are innovative and agile

We are creative, we take risks and when we face a challenge we move quickly.

Integrity is un our DNA

We say what we think, we stick to our words and we are responsible for our actions. We highly value honest and respectful relationships based in emotional and social support. We are honest, transparent and we keep promises because trust is the most important thing to us.

We put our user at first place

Our main objective is to solve our users problems, once we achieve this we can move to our Partners (nowadays our partners are the restaurant and their e-commerce providers, in the future they will be any delivery brand). Then the company from top to bottom. The whole company ahead the teams and teams ahead ourselves.

🏯 Culture

We aim to be transparent, flexible and people centred company based on Holacracy where every member of the company can expose their opinion always respecting themselves and the rest of the company.


We want to be crystal clear with team members, co-founders and investors in terms of data, partnerships and any other subject that can be valuable for them. We believe that being transparent avoids tensions and generate less problems within the company and its ecosystem


Working remotely is one of our pillars. The company was founded as it is and it will continue to be so. We believe in people and the new working ways which empowers trust and reconciliation of work, private and family life.

People centred

People who work at Delitbee have sense of belonging. The believe in the company, values, mission and vision. We need and we want to hear whatever each member of the company thinks. We hire experts to do their work but also to understand Delitbee’s needs by using OKRs and contribute to achieve them.

Work with us

Mobile Engineer

Your role 🧙‍♀️ Your daily activity will be to architect, plan and develop the evolutions of our native apps on android and iOS leaning towards

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Fill in the form and include a nice message saying why you want to work with us and how you can contribute to Delitbee. Please include links to your Linkedin, CV, portfolio or similar. 🐝

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Work from home

Flexible Schedule

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